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Power of 1.800.REPAIRS

The most powerful phone number in the repair industry

1.800.REPAIRS is the unforgettable phone number that can increase customer calls. When customers hear it once, they will remember it forever. When you deploy the number across your marketing channels coupled with in-store signage, you'll get more calls for home repair products, repair parts, repair tools, hardware, equipment and "Do it for Me" repair calls, which can create a new revenue stream for your store. More calls means more revenue.


How 1.800.REPAIRS works

Customers calling 1.800.REPAIRS select "home repair products or hardware"… or they can select "request a repair company and enter in their zip code."  The 1.800.REPAIRS technology immediately connects the call to the ONE store that is programmed for the area.   

How to use 1.800.REPAIRS

The 1.800.REPAIRS Home Repair Hotline can be used in a variety of ways to make more money including: increasing sales, keeping your phone ringing, tracking marketing ROI, and making your store telephone number unforgettable. Place 1.800.REPAIRS across all marketing channels: print, email, social, store front, billboard, website, radio, TV, PPC – anywhere you need customers to reach you and witness your sales skyrocket. 

Benefits to stores

Stores are using 1.800.REPAIRS to sell more home repair products, repair parts, repair tools, hardware and equipment.  In addition, stores are also generating additional revenue by creating their own 1.800.REPAIRS Find a Pro Location to fulfill the needs of their customers. 

Incredibly easy to remember

1.800.REPAIRS gives customers an easy-to-remember way to contact you. Customers no longer have to “Google” to find your number thus reducing the risk of being diverted by a competitor advertisement.  


Why it works

National studies show that using an easy to remember number like 1.800.FLOWERS and 1.800.REPAIRS can increase calls by 30%. The 1.800.REPAIRS number is so powerful, when customers see it just ONE time, they will never forget YOUR store’s number.   

1-800-REPAIRS is the ONLY program of its type in America. 

There is no other way to give your location a viable method to generate new customers containing the power of 1.800.REPAIRS.  

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