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1.800.REPAIRS is the easiest-to-remember number in the home repair industry.  When customers hear it once, they will remember it forever. It’s unforgettable.  The magnetic memory recall capability is guaranteed to increase your calls for home repair products, repair parts, tools, hardware, equipment and repairs.


Benefits of 1.800.REPAIRS

Separate yourself from big box stores and rival competitors with the easiest-to-remember number in the home repair industry. 1.800.REPAIRS will stick in your customer's head resulting in more calls from your campaigns and boosting new customer acquisitions with 1.800.REPAIRS.

Magnetic Memory Recall Capability

The Magnetic Memory Recall Capability of 1.800.REPAIRS is scientifically proven to be unforgettable guaranteeing your hardware store stays top of mind with your customers. Using 1.800.REPAIRS may increase your inbound calls by 69% or more; proven to grow your business.


Drive revenue from both new and existing customers

In the ever-evolving customer journey, the phone call has become a hardware stores most valuable marketing source. Phone customers have immediacy and spend on average 28% more. That’s why savvy store owners use the undeniable power of the 1.800.REPAIRS number to drive more calls.  Next, they turn rings into revenue, by relying upon their employees’ personal touch to drive more customers to their store. 

How to Use the 1.800.REPAIRS Hardware Hotline

The 1.800.REPAIRS hotline can be used for many reasons including: increasing sales, keeping your phone ringing, tracking marketing ROI, and making your store telephone number unforgettable. Place 1.800.REPAIRS across all marketing channels: Print, email, social, store front, billboard, website, radio, TV, PPC – anywhere you need customers to reach you and witness your sales skyrocket. Sell more parts, tools, hardware, equipment and repairs.  

Build Relationships

For hardware stores to compete and survive in today’s competitive environment, building relationships with customers is imperative. The #1 most productive method for building relationships is a live telephone conversation. The 1.800.REPAIRS number makes it easy for customers to facilitate more conversations with you that build loyal, long-term repeat customers.  

Multiply your advertising ROI and build faster relationships

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