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Apply To Become a 1.800.REPAIRS Re-Seller

1.800.REPAIRS offers a Re-Seller Program.

Reseller agrees to the following commission structure and agrees to all other 1.800.REPAIRS Terms and Conditions.

1.800.REPAIRS Re-Seller has the rights to sell 1800.REPAIRS Services to any available zip code in America. 



  • 1.800.REPAIRS Retail Rate is $ 34.95 Per Zip Code/Per Service Category PAID MONTHLY. Commission is $10 per month, per zip category.   

  • 1.800.REPAIRS Retail Rate is $ 349.50 Per Zip Code/Per Service Category PAID ANNUALLY. Commission is $ 100 

  • Plus 10% on any other 1.800.REPAIRS Services sold, such as marketing packages.


1.800.REPAIRS reserves the right to terminate any Reseller Agreement for any reason whatsoever.

By completing this application you agree to the

1.800.REPAIRS Terms & Conditions

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