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Call Routing

Calls from your exclusive area are automatically connected to your store with ZipMatch Routing Technology. The most advanced technology in the hardware industry.

ZipMatch Routing Technology™ automatically routes calls to your store, your answering service, or even your home or cell phone. It’s completely automated and keeps track of every call, by recording and including a full suite of call analytics. There’s nothing to buy and the entire system is web-based and incredibly easy to use.



Only ONE hardware store allowed per zip code area.  All calls from exclusive zip code areas ring directly and ONLY to one store.  Areas are granted on a “First Come – First Served” basis to qualifying locations.  

Advanced Call Routing technology

1.800.REPAIRS uses ZipMatch Routing Technology™, the most advanced technology in the hardware industry routing customers calling the hardware hotline to your hardware store.  


1.800.REPAIRS Hotline for Hardware Stores

The Hardware Hotline connects customers seeking repair parts, tools, equipment and repairs directly to your store.  No additional phone lines are required. Answer the call just like any other customer call and boost your store's revenue. 

Time of day call forwarding

Time of day routing gives you the ability to forward the 1.800.REPAIRS number to where you need at the push of a button any time, whether your business utilizes an after-hours answering service, or you simply want to answer your evening calls personally at home or on your cell phone.  


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