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Call Recording

Unlock a goldmine of customer interaction and intel

Knowledge is currency in retail. Knowing what your customers want and how they interact with your team and local brand is incredibly valuable. When you integrate 1.800.REPAIRS with your local hardware store brand, you'll capture that information automatically.


Call recording

Every interaction with your customers contains valuable customer analytics data.  Discover what your customers want, increase sales and boost customer retention with call recording.  

EchoCall Digital Playback records every call

The 1.800.REPAIRS EchoCall Digital Playback™ feature provides a wealth of data by recording every call. Drive profits and customer satisfaction by discovering customer interests, buying behaviors, and pain points. 


Web-Based dashboard

1.800.REPAIRS web-based dashboard gives you an easy way to listen to every call from anywhere. Call recordings are stored in the cloud, so they’re accessible from any internet-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone. Calls are also shareable, so you can quickly send calls to team members.


Use EchoCall to drive profits and improve customer satisfaction

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