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Call Recording

Unlock a goldmine of customer interaction and intel

Knowledge is currency in retail. Knowing what your customers want and how they interact with your team and local brand is incredibly valuable. When you integrate 1.800.REPAIRS with your local hardware store brand, you'll capture that information automatically.


Call recording

Every interaction with your customers contains valuable customer analytics data.  Discover what your customers want, increase sales and boost customer retention with call recording.  

EchoCall Digital Playback records every call

The 1.800.REPAIRS EchoCall Digital Playback™ feature provides a wealth of data by recording every call. Drive profits and customer satisfaction by discovering customer interests, buying behaviors, and pain points. 


Web-Based dashboard

1.800.REPAIRS web-based dashboard gives you an easy way to listen to every call from anywhere. Call recordings are stored in the cloud, so they’re accessible from any internet-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone. Calls are also shareable, so you can quickly send calls to team members.


Use EchoCall to drive profits and improve customer satisfaction

  • Keeps Customers off the Internet
    Once your customers know 1.800.REPAIRS rings directly to your hardware store, they will no longer have to “Google” to find your number. This is a big victory for you! Because research evidence that as much as 33% of potential customers “looking for” the telephone of a specific company become diverted by a competitor ad and call someone else. Don’t let this happen to your store.
  • Unforgettable
    1.800.REPAIRS Magnetic Memory Recall Capability makes it the easiest-to-remember number in the hardware industry. It’s as unforgettable as 1-800-Flowers or 1-800-Got-Junk and specifically designed to provide independently owned hardware stores a huge competitive advantage over big box retailers and other rival competitors. 1.800.REPAIRS is the surefire way to guarantee your hardware store becomes unforgettable.
  • Advertising R.O.I.
    The reason large, dominate companies such as FedEX (1-800-Go FEDEX), UPS (1-800-Pick UPS), and 1-800-Flowers all use easy-to-remember numbers in their advertisements is because they produce results. Call volume may be as much as 14 times higher versus the same ads using a regular numeric number. Now you have the opportunity to use 1.800.REPAIRS in your ads, boost your advertising ROI, and drive more customers to your store.
  • Exclusivity
    You own the rights to use 1.800.REPAIRS in the precise market area you serve. One hundred percent of all calls originating from the territory you select will ring directly to you, on your current telephone line, cell phone or call center.
  • Add Status, Distinction and Boost Your Reputation"
    People know there’s something special about a hardware store that is using 1.800.REPAIRS. It sets you apart and says, “better business” an “excellent service.” Your business rivals simply can’t compete with their plain vanilla telephone number.
  • Call Tracking
    It’s easy to verify the power that 1.800.REPAIRS has in driving revenue to your store. The Accu-Call-Visiabilityô feature provides a monthly detailed call activity report that includes the: Caller number, date, time and duration of each call.
  • Call Recording
    Every call is recorded with 1.800.REPAIRS Call-Insightsô recording feature. Call-Insightsô provides a wealth of data and can reveal customer interests, buying behaviors, pain points, satisfaction and can be used to improve employee performance.
  • Customer Service Improves
    Hardware stores committed to world-class customer service rely on 1.800.REPAIRS Call-Insightsô to record every call for training purposes. Staff can listen to real-life examples of excellent, and not so excellent, interactions with customers. Learn how to deal with difficult situations and improve their customer service skills. In addition, knowing calls are being recorded instills a commitment to impeccable service in 100% of customer telephone interactions by staff.
  • Affordable
    The 1.800.REPAIRS number is unforgettable, keeps customers off of the Internet, generates a huge advertising ROI, and it is also truly affordable. The 1.800.REPAIRS user fee is structured as a common telephone bill. Imagine the most powerful number in the hardware industry ringing directly to your store for less than what most pay monthly for their personal cell phone usage.
  • Revenue Diversification
    The independently owned hardware store survival is being threatened by big box retailers and online behemoths. With the Do-it-for-me demographics growing, and people buying more online, the loss of revenue pressures are real and mounting daily. ​ This requires store owners to seek creative methods to diversify into additional revenue streams just to maintain long-term sustainability. Yet, there’s an untapped revenue stream lying dormant inside the walls already. It sounds like this, “Do you know a good handyman, plumber, electrician, etc.” ​ Savvy hardware owners are capitalizing on this opportunity by creating a 1.800.REPAIRS repair referral network. A smart way to increase store revenue, without increasing overhead. Simply, turn customer repair requests over to existing commercial clients and either charge a referral fee, OR use as a method to shore up commercial customer loyalty and increase product sales. Learn more >

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