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Referral Revenues

Everyday, your customers ask

"Do you know someone that can..."

 Turn the question into profits by referring them

to repair companies you know.

Create new revenues
not only when you 
"Sell a hammer" but also when someone
"Swings a hammer"

Connecting customers drives store success

Do you know a repair person who can do this for me?

Do you have customers who need repairs?


Tap into new high margin referral revenue

Your customers rely on you more than ever for Pro Services referrals and general "how to" help. As more and more millennials purchase homes, industry research tells us that many of those new homeowners would rather hire out their projects rather than do it themselves. As your retail landscape evolves, building a reliable 1.800.REPAIRS Referral Network makes more sense than ever.

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Connect customers in need of repairs with your Pro Services customers

Air Conditioning



Small Engine Repair

Appliance Repair

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Window & Doors






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Experience the profit power of a repair referral network in 4 easy steps

Start selling more repair parts, tools, hardware, equipment and repairs


Establish Repair Pros


Existing Commercial Account Customers

Establishing a repairs referral network is easy. Simply, tap into your commercial pro customer accounts who already shop at your store. They will be happy to gain more repair business by participating in your 1.800.REPAIRS.


Open New Commercial Account Customers

Build a more robust network by inviting repair pros who are currently not buying from your store to participate in your 1.800.REPAIRS referral network. This is a great way to open new commercial pro customer accounts and start selling more parts, tools, hardware and equipment.


Referral Network Election

Select the type of referral network option that achieves your profit objectives.  Your Network. Your Choice!

Option 1

Earn a Referral Fee


A repair referral network program that charges a referral fee gives your store diversification by creating a new “product” revenue stream. Simply take customer repair requests and give them to your repair pros and earn a work order fee (you set the referral amount). This is a great way to increase your sales per square foot without having to increase shelf space or square footage. 

Option 2

Repair Pro Loyalty Program


If your primary objective is to open more new repair pro commercial account customers and reward existing commercial customers, the right referral network for your store is the pro repair customer loyalty referral network. With this option, no fee is charged to the pro repair service provider. To improve the customer shopping experience, you collect the repair request.  Next, you distribute the request directly to a repair pro commercial customer. This builds loyal repair customers and loyal pro repair commercial customers. 

Option 3

Courtesy Connection Digital Bulletin Board


If you want to provide a positive customer experience for customers and repair pro commercial account customers yet prefer to take a hands-off approach to repair and referral requests, the digital bulletin board referral network is right for you.  Instead of passing out business cards or using a cluttered bulletin board in the hallway, simply direct customers, and repair pros to 1.800.REPAIRS.com where you are providing a courtesy connection.  

How much can you earn? Use the Referral Revenue Calculator to see how a referral program that earns you a percentage of the repair can generate new revenue for your store.



Prominently Display 1.800.REPAIRS Throughout Your Store

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Choose from a variety of ready-to-use marketing materials including posters, shelf talkers, banners, business cards and more!

Attract “Do-it-for-me” customers to your store with a 1.800.REPAIRS referral network

The “DIFM” {Do-it-for-me} consumer is on the rise and “DIY” consumer is on the decline as baby boomers grow older and millennial home ownership is rising rapidly. 


Don’t pay a markup on parts. Buy it now and use a 1.800.REPAIRS pro for installation.

I'm not sure I can install it.

Common “Do-it-for-me” Projects


Start Connecting Customers

Referral Software makes it easy to connect customers and service pros

Referral Network Benefits Summary

Build customer loyalty and convenience

When your customer calls or enters your store, that’s 90% of the customer acquisition and retention battle. So, it only makes sense to keep them engaged in your store’s sales ecosystem. When you build a 1.800.REPAIRS Pro Referral Network, you’ll be ready to answer the “can you recommend a Pro” question and prevent your customers from seeking out Pro Services offered by big box retailers and online referral services. You’ll also sell more parts, tools and project accessories when they initiate their project in your store.

Pro Services Providers will seek you out

Most online professional service providers referral networks, such as Home Advisor, work by sending out the homeowner’s request to 3-4 providers at the same time. Service Providers scramble to be the “first to contact” the homeowner. Homeowners become frustrated and confused with multiple providers vying for their business. When you build your 1.800.REPAIRS Pro Provider Network, you’re in control. The Pros in your network will gravitate to your store and you’ll build trust with the homeowner.

Keep customers off the internet

Your customers rely on you for more than just parts and supplies. They seek out your expertise and “how to” advice. When you advertise the 1.800.REPAIRS phone number, your customers will be directed to your store first. You’ll keep them from searching the internet by offering personalized help and advice that they just can’t get at big box retailers or find online.

Attract new customers

When you start your marketing program to advertise 1.800.REPAIRS, the most unforgettable phone number in the hardware industry, you’ll begin to capture new customers via store banners and signs as well as your general marketing efforts. New customers will nearly automatically remember your phone number. Not only will this multiply your marketing results, but you’ll also attract new foot traffic to your store with new customers seeking parts and supplies, but also referrals to your “Do It For Me” network of professional service providers.

Choose your level of participation

There are three options to capitalize on the 1.800.REPAIRS Pro Services Network. You can do as much, or as little, as you’d like. It’s your network and it’s your choice! You can build a lucrative referral network and set up relationships with many of your existing Pro Services Providers that are already shopping in your store. Or, simply provide your customers with referral resources via contacts through your store or using an online digital “Bulletin Board.” No matter what level of participation you choose, your customers win.

Revenue diversification

The independently owned hardware store survival is being threatened by big box retailers and online behemoths. With the Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) demographics growing, and people buying more online, the loss of revenue pressures are real and mounting daily.

This requires store owners to seek creative methods to diversify into additional revenue streams just to maintain long-term sustainability. Yet, there’s an untapped revenue stream lying dormant inside your walls already. It sounds like this, “Do you know a good handyman, plumber, electrician, etc.”

Savvy hardware owners are capitalizing on this opportunity by creating a 1.800.REPAIRS professional repair referral network. A smart way to increase store revenue, without increasing overhead. Simply, turn customer repair requests over to existing commercial clients and either charge a referral fee, OR use as a method to shore up commercial customer loyalty and increase product sales.

Capitalize on the “Do It For Me” and “Do It Myself - Failed Attempt” revenue streams

Some of your customers, either new or existing, will always gravitate to professional service providers to either do the project for them, or to finish an existing failed attempt at a home repair. Right now, most of those customers are seeking out professional services outside your store’s sales universe. Keeping your customers “glued” to your local store is key. It costs far more to build a new customer relationship than to preserve an existing one. When you provide your customers with the help they are seeking, not only do you win, but so do your customers.

Statistically, every homeowner in America spends approximately $1,056 on home repairs and services every year, which doesn’t include renovations. With 1.800.REPAIRS you’ll start your journey to capitalizing on this segment of the market.

Spend less and sell more

When you add up all the benefits of 1.800.REPAIRS, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose! You’ll get more calls, and generate additional revenue. You’ll give your customers a simple and easy way to contact your store without going online to search for your phone number. You’ll create revenue diversity by helping your customers find and hire the service pros they need for their projects. And, you’ll compete with big-box retailers and online sales channels and stores. The benefits of 1.800.REPAIRS are undeniable. Try it for free. You’ll sell more and nearly instantly improve your bottom line.

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