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Learn more about 1.800.REPAIRS

How does 1-800-REPAIRS work?

Customers calling 1-800-REPAIRS select Parts, Tools and Hardware... OR can request a repair company and enter their zip. The call is connected to the ONE store that is programmed for the area.

Why does 1-800-REPAIRS work?

1-800-REPAIRS is the easiest-to-remember number in the hardware industry and is unforgettable. National studies prove that numbers like 1-800-FLOWERS and 1-800-REPAIRS can generate as much as 30% more calls.

How can I be sure 1.800.REPAIRS is unforgettable?

Try it yourself. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Tell them about 1.800.REPAIRS. Just once. Then ask them a week later if they can recall the number. The number is simply amazing! Now that YOU know it, you’ll never forget it – guaranteed! The number is so powerful, that even people who are exposed to 1.800.REPAIRS one time will never forget YOUR store’s number.

How does 1.800.REPAIRS multiply my advertising ROI?

1.800.REPAIRS will stick in your customers head resulting in more calls from your advertising campaign. You may boost your ad ROI by 25-63%! You’ll quickly connect to more new customers and dazzle your existing ones. More calls, means more money.

Why do hardware store owners want more phone calls?

In the ever-evolving customer journey, the phone call has become a hardware stores most valuable marketing source. Phone customers have immediacy and spend on average 28% more.

How does the 1.800.REPAIRS number help build relationships?

Building relationships with customers is imperative. The #1 most productive method for building relationships is a live telephone conversation. The 1.800.REPAIRS number makes it easy for customers to facilitate more conversations with you that build loyal, long-term repeat customers.

Will I be the only store in my area using 1.800.REPAIRS?

Yes. Exclusivity is granted by zip codes and ONLY one hardware store is allowed per zip code. Once you own your selected area, it’s yours and all of your competitors are locked out.

How are exclusive areas determined?

Areas are granted on a “First Come-First Served” basis.

How can I determine if my area is available?

Call us! Or, use the form found here to get in touch with us. Areas are first-come, first-serve, so don't delay.

Do I need additional phone lines or special equipment to utilize 1.800.REPAIRS number?

No additional phones lines or special equipment is needed. The 1.800.REPAIRS calls from your exclusive area ring directly to any phone line you select… even a cell phone will work. You can even quickly route the inbound connection phone number so you'll never miss a call. Click here for more information.

How long does it take to set-up?

1.800.REPAIRS can be ringing at your store usually, within 24-hours. However, with some local telecom companies it may take up to a few days.

Is this a franchise?

No. 1.800.REPAIRS is a telephone call routing system that includes the shared use of the telephone number 1.800.REPAIRS (737-2477).

In addition to calls for repair parts, tools, hardware and equipment, is it possible to receive calls from customers asking for a repair company that I could profit from?

Yes, your store can receive ALL of the calls from customers seeking a repairman or repair company. 1-800-REPAIRS will create a "new product" for you that can generate a "new revenue stream" without the need to add additional shelf space or overhead. Click here for more information.

How should I use 1.800.REPAIRS to increase my bottom-line?

The 1.800.REPAIRS hotline can be used in a variety of ways including: increasing sales, keeping your phone ringing, tracking marketing ROI, and making your store telephone number unforgettable. Start using 1.800.REPAIRS and you will instantly start selling more repair parts, tools, hardware, equipment and repairs.

How should the 1.800.REPAIRS number be used in advertising?

Place 1.800.REPAIRS across all marketing channels: print, email, social, store front, billboard, website, radio, TV, PPC – anywhere you need customers to reach you and witness your sales skyrocket.

How much does 1.800.REPAIRS cost?

The 1.800.REPAIRS user fee is structured as a common telephone bill. Imagine the most powerful number in the hardware industry ringing directly to your store for less than what most pay for their personal cell phone.

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