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Call Tracking

Track and analyze calls to make informed data-driven decisions with AccuCall Visibility

If you’ve ever called a big box retailer, you know how frustrating it can be. Endless hold times and bouncing around from department to department. Most consumers usually give up and end the call. With AccuCall Visibility™ you’ll know your peak call times and how long each customer speaks with one of your store associates. This will lead to better customer interactions and engagement – and improve your ability to interact quickly with inbound callers. You'll improve the customer experience, and capitalize on your store's strategic advantage to provide outstanding customer service.


AccuCall Visibility gives hardware store owners the customer data they need to build better customer relationships

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Monthly Detailed     Call Reporting 

AccuCall Visibility™ monthly detailed call reporting information gives you an unprecedented understanding of your customer and their interactions. Easily see the caller number, date, time and duration of each call. 

Track Call Volume and Call Trends 

Highly organized, understandable data reports provide call trend reporting. This enables your store to see call flow and daily trends.

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Blacklist Pesky Telemarketers

Stay on task and keep your phone lines clear with our phone number blacklist.  A huge database of troublesome telemarketer and scammer phone numbers are used to automatically block unwanted calls. You can even manage your own list of blocked phone numbers.

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