How 1.800.REPAIRS Works

When customers call 1.800.REPAIRS...

they are given two choices:

  • For Home Repair Products... PRESS 1

  • To Find a Repair Company... PRESS 2

The 1.800.REPAIRS Customer Call Routing System automatically connects the caller directly to your phone. 

(Additional phone line not required.)


You can receive either Product Request or Repair Request calls (or both) Only ONE location can be programmed per zip code area.


  • Detailed call reporting is available

  • No contract required

  • it's on a simple month-to-month basis.


It's easy to get started


Quick set up


 1.800.REPAIRS is programmed to ring directly your to store

1.800.REPAIRS hotline is connected to any phone number you select.  (No additional line is required.)


Promote 1.800.REPAIRS


Display 1.800.REPAIRS Banner & Print Materials In Your Store

1.800.REPAIRS is now your number.  Place banners, counter decals, door decals, etc. in and around your store to maximize benefits.  


Get more calls


Customers Call Your 1.800.REPAIRS
Home Repair Hotline

The caller enters their zip code and the 1.800.REPAIRS ZipMatch Routing Technology™ instantly connects them to your hardware store.  


Make more money


ZipMatch Technology Automatically Connects Callers To Your Store

The call rings directly to your store.  (No additional line is required.) Answer the call just like any other customer call and start selling more repair parts, tools, hardware, equipment and repairs. 

Keep track of your inbound call performance with a powerful suite of analytics tools


Detailed Reporting

Receive a detailed report showing EXACTLY how many calls were received, call times, and duration of each call.


Every Call is Recorded

Drive profits and customer satisfaction by recording every call. Ensure employee performance and customer satisfaction with every call.

Here's how 1.800.REPAIRS will generate more revenue for your hardware store

The 1.800.REPAIRS Hardware Hotline can be used for many reasons including: increasing sales, keeping your phone ringing, tracking marketing ROI, and making your store telephone number unforgettable. Place 1.800.REPAIRS across all marketing channels: print, email, social, store front, billboard, website, radio, TV, PPC – anywhere you need customers to reach you and witness your sales skyrocket. Sell more parts, tools, hardware, equipment and "Do it for me" repairs. 

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